Gypsum Application Machines

The Ag Solution Master was developed in the mid 1980s by a leading soil chemist in order to maximize the benefits of fertilizers and gypsum on commercial crops. A range of tank sizes are available and the motor can be powered by all voltages and phases of electricity or by gas, diesel, or natural gas. The versatile Ag Solution Master may also be used as a cost saving tool for applying any liquid or water soluble product to the crop - fertilizers, potassium sulfate (potash), etc. The chemical products are dissolved by agitation and the output is metered directly into any form of irrigation system. (

Crops:  Citrus - Almonds - Walnuts - Pistachios - Cotton - Alfalfa - Prunes - Wine and table grapes - Tomatoes -  Avocados - Olives - Strawberries - Peaches - Plums - Nectarines - Apricots - Apples - Bell Peppers - Lettuce - Celery - Carrots - Sugar Beets - Potatoes - Recreaton fields - Golf courses.

Irrigation Systems include the Drip, Flood, Pivot, Linear, Furrow, Sprinkler, and Micro Sprinkler. 

The benefits of this:

  • Sodic soil is reduce
  • Soil structure is Improved
  • Water penetration is increased
  • Soil calcium levels are increased
  • Soil runoff and ponding is reduced
  • Calcium/magnesium imbalances are correctedechnology is:

    Gypsum Machine
    AG Solution Master

    Solution to Gypsum
    AG Solution Master

    The Orginal Gypsum Machine
    AG Solution Master

    The Optional Trailer Assembly
    Ag Solution Master

    If you require that you Gypsum Machine be mobile.

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